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[TenTec] Orion heartache

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion heartache
From: nq5t@attbi.com (nq5t@attbi.com)
Date: Wed Apr 9 23:22:42 2003
> But no useful purpose is
> served by the misguided efforts of a few who would see nothing but
> words of praise on this reflector. We learn, and Ten Tec will learn,
> from errors and omissions - this reflector should be a welcome forum
> for balanced technical and performance discussions, positive and
> negative, not a censored platform for presenting only one viewpoint.

Couldn't agree more.  At least it is possible to update this radio as 
issues are uncovered, as opposed to waiting for the next new one 
that must be purchased.  

Misguided?  I have spent many many hours working with Ten-Tec to 
document and resolve items that I found to be issues and problems.  
You won't find those things on the reflector.  Public moaning and 
grumbling doesn't benefit anyone.  You'll find my issues and those 
of others fixed in the software updates.  I didn't have to wait for the 
Pro IV (no specific brand implied).
> For example, a number of new owners have commented upon the
> random pinning of the S-meter for no apparent reason. 

I don't believe this is a "design decision".  It will probably be fixed.  It 
doesn't "pin", but it is disconcerting.  Most likely some DSP artifact.

> Either your radio was a remarkable exception
> or many new ORION users have just not yet gained the familiarity with
> the system that you have.

I can guarantee that isn't the case.  It's one opinion.

> Given time, the ORION may yet become
> the radio it was intended to be. Let's all hope so!

George, you really need to buy one ... you might find yourself 
unexpectedly surprised.  Dump that offshore junk :-)

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