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[TenTec] Orion heartache

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion heartache
From: jimr.reid@verizon.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Apr 10 01:02:45 2003
> > Given time, the ORION may yet become
> > the radio it was intended to be. Let's all hope so!


Not precisely sure which of the commenters wrote the above

However,  no one has as yet commented about the primary
design focus for the Orion.  Which is,  absolute superior dynamic
range!  Or,  very high IP3 performance. Or,  yet again,  superior
performance during very crowded band conditions.  The rest of
the many features discussed so far are just cream on the cake 
for me,  hi.  Of course such performance features also translate
into extreme linear operation during "ordinary" QSO situations,
and I love clean audio,  be it CW or SSB.

Dynamic range is the reason for the various design features
of this rig:  the front end filters,  the front end pre-amp design,
the front end ham band only preselectors for the main rcvr,
the IF frequency design plan,  the LO1 power output (high) to
drive the first mixer,  etc., etc.  These are the NEW features
of the Orion design which I believe were the goals of at least
Doug Smith to actualize.  At least those are the items about
which I read in his postings,  and QEX articles of the past
year or so.

Those features will or will not benefit the "big gun" DX'ers and
contest operators,  or they won't!  That will eventually decide
the BIG fate of the Ten Tec Orion.  Certainly not how many
Hz or kHz per degree of knob twist the rig tunes!!  Nor for that
matter of the other items criticized here at.

Sensitivity is not an issue;  selectivity is an issue.  Separabiltiy
from one signal to another is the big issue in crowded bands.

And all the other NEAT features about the multiple antennas,
separate amps per antenna,  etc.  Those and operator "usability"
in real situations are what will make me pleased and desire to
keep the radio once in is out here on this island.

At least that seems to be what I am looking forward to realizing when
my Orion finally gets here,  hi.

And,  I actually plan to operate my Orion using the software
control that N4PY,  Carl Moreschi will eventually develop and
continue to improve!  I probably won't even be using the front
panel buttons and knobs for more than a couple of months until
Carl has his applications ready,  hi.  His certainly is wonderful
for the Pegasus/RX-340 set up I had here,  until turning in the
Peg in trade toward the Orion,  hi.  Still using Carl's software
to operate the Orion (and the number of Hz per knob turn is
different with Carl's software than the number using the barefoot

Just thoughts during a VERY rainy Wednesday night here in 
KH6 land.

73,  Jim  KH7M

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