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[TenTec] Orion heartache

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion heartache
From: nq5t@attbi.com (nq5t@attbi.com)
Date: Thu Apr 10 02:02:24 2003
> > > Given time, the ORION may yet become
> > > the radio it was intended to be. Let's all hope so!

> However,  no one has as yet commented about the primary
> design focus for the Orion.  Which is,  absolute superior dynamic
> range!  Or,  very high IP3 performance. Or,  yet again,  superior
> performance during very crowded band conditions.  

This all seems to have been missed in discussions concerning the 
color of the display, ad nauseum on tuning step rates, and whether 
the Orion is "milspec"or not (all vastly important of course).  The 
"may yet become" comment, of course, is by someone who "was 
told" yada yada.

Everyone has their priorities -- tuning rates, knob turning by electric 
motor to see what happens if a control is turned at 5 rpm for 4 hours 
clockwise (ok, my sarcasm is coming through), promotion of other 
brands (seems to be a trend) , whatever ....

With an exception or two, the guys doing the sniping don't own an 
Orion, have never seen one (ok, digital image excepted), and never 
listened to one.  They're waiting for the next radio from Brand X in 
the hopes of retaining bragging rights.  They may -- but I have to 
ask whether it will change my life?  Is the Orion perfect (whatever 
that means to me or you)?  Of course not.  Is it getting better by the 
firmware release?  Yes.

And think S-E-R-V-I-C-E.  You know what that is, unless you've 
been living with one of those "other" radios ....

It's all a waste of internet bits.  The Orion  (even though it may not 
be perfect) is a mity-fine radio.

(for the record, the Orion has not yet hit my AMEX bill, and I am still, 
as are we all, in the 30-day window, so I'm not just trying to 
rationalize my expenditure)


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