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[TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff

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Subject: [TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff
From: jimr.reid@verizon.net (Jim Reid)
Date: Thu Apr 10 17:42:36 2003
The other day,  Alan,  K2WS wrote,  in part:

About tuning step size and frequency coverage per
tuning knob revolution using an Orion:

" kHz/ revolution of VFO knob Step Size (resolution)
     64    Hz      1   Hz
     640   Hz     10   Hz
     6.4  kHz    100   Hz....."

My RX-340 is 43 Hz at 1 Hz step size,  and for example,
with 1 kHz step size,  one knob revolution yields a frequency
change of 43 kHz.  Therefore there is greater converge of the band
per knob rotation with the Orion.  Alan likes 5 kHz per complete
rotation of the knob,  not sure why;  I like the RX-340 set up.

However,  with my 340 under he control of Carl Moreschi's
software program,  and with the "virtual" tuning knob active,
at 1 Hz step size,  one revolution of the "knob" yields a
frequency change of "only" 18 Hz.  And with Alan's presumed
preferred step size for SSB tuning of 10 Hz steps,  Carl's
knob yields a frequency change of 180 Hz,  not Alan's desired
5 kHz.

Alan goes on:

"when switching to larger step sizes, no rounding of the 
frequency takes place......for example, if the frequency is  
14.177.049  while in 1 Hz step size and we  want to go to 
14.178.000,  switching STEP to 1 KHz  yields a frequency  
of 14.178.049 when the VFO is tuned higher."

Tuning the 340 to Alan's test frequency,  and selecting the
1 kHz step size: a touch up of the VFO knob,  and the
frequency is at 14178.000 as Alan wished for.  I see no
reason why the Orion could not be re-programmed to do
the same.

Another point,  using Carl's software control,  the RX-340
operates as Alan reports does the Orion;  that is, if on
14.177.049,  and you select the 1 kHz step size,  and
move the "virtual" knob,  you arrive at 14.178.049 also.

Anyway,  my preferred SSB tuning method (and I ALWAYS
am using the N4PY software to operate my 340,  and will
ALSO my Orion when Carl's software for it is ready),
I use a 500 Hz step size,  and DO NOT use the "virtual"
VFO knob,  but with a mouse key click on either the "virtual"
VFO A or VFO B button and I always start on an exact  kHz
frequency,  such as 14175 or whatever.  Holding the mouse
button down,  I cover 5 kHz in about 1 second;  if I hear a
signal,  it is easy to stop or go back, hit the 100 or 10 Hz
step button on the "virtual" panel and zero in instantly.  Or,
when the band is really active,  use the 100 Hz step size,
and you will go relatively slowly across each SSB signal.
At 100 Hz resolution step size,  I cover about 500 Hz per
second which is plenty slow enough to accurately zero in
on an SSB signal.

On CW,  I scan about using a 1200 Hz IF BW,  and scan at
either 500 or 100 Hz step size.  At 500 Hz step,  and Carl's
software,  you whistle across CW signals very quickly,  but
you know they are there if you are just searching about
for activity on a relatively quiet band,  such as 20 meters
is as heard out here this morning (2100 UTC,  or 11AM HST).
W1AW is S3 just now here at 14.047.500.  BTW,  the CW
note from W1AW is just fine with the DSP IF bandwidth
narrowed down to 100 Hz using the 340.

The 340 also has a multi-function knob.  It selects the parameters
for any of several push button selected rig characteristics: BW,
BFO, PBT, AGC parameters, Notch, squelch,  and the noise blanker.
With BW's button pushed, and LED lights above the BW lettering,
and a pot rotation steps through all the various available filters.

Incidentally,  when Carl's software is active, NONE of the 340 front
panel controls will operate,  except the headphone and speaker
volume controls....I like that also,  some may not.  Have no idea 
what will be the case using the Orion and N4PY software.

BTW,  Carl plans to also have the RX-340 simultaneously
under control of the Orion software;  yet a 3rd rcvr within
the station rig and control!

Well,  this has gotten long,  but thought it might be of some
interest about the comparison of some of the characteristics,
and what might be coming available for software control in
a few months time.

73,  Jim  KH7M

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