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[TenTec] FS: Omni B Boards & Parts

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Subject: [TenTec] FS: Omni B Boards & Parts
From: w9cw@intergate.com (Don Allen)
Date: Thu Apr 10 20:15:26 2003
Hi Gang,

Well, I've decided to sell all of my spare Omni B-series parts I've been
storing for all of these years.  I've had no need for them, as both of my
original Omni's (A and B) haven't failed me in over 20 years.

So, if anyone needs specific parts, populated and tested boards, power amp
assy., etc., let me know.  I will respond to each e-mail directly.

Not only do I have electrical parts, but mechanical and chassis parts, a "B"
analog front panel (some wear on this one near the "VOX" and "RX-OT"
switches- I replaced this one), a known good PTO, switchesand various other
board level and discrete parts.

Let me know, as I need to clean out the storage area!

Don Allen W9CW
Urbana, IL

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