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[TenTec] Orion heartache

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion heartache
From: w4njf@midflorida.com (Bill Fulling)
Date: Thu Apr 10 21:10:55 2003
Hello Scott,
I don't own an Orion can't afford one right now but do own a Jupiter and am
very happy with it.What really ticks me off on this so called TT reflector
site are the half dozen or so people that monopolize it 24/7 that do not use
or own TT ham gear.My personal "redneckNASCAR" opinion of them is reading
their endless posts about how bad,poor programmed ,etc TT gear is as
compared to their KENYAECOMM stuff is sort of like
listening to Rusty bellyaching about Dale's Chevy when Rusty drives a Ford!
If they don't own or use TT gear-ignore them!
73 de Bill W4NJF

Bill Fulling
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> At 04:59 PM 4/9/03 -0400, you wrote:
> >   Although I stand behind my Orion statements, I never posted them, nor
> > were they intended for public disclosure.
> >
> >   There have been eleven Orion firmware updates since v1.328 of March
> > 28th. There are literally hundreds of software bugs in the control
> >   73, Alan    K2WS
> Good morning:
> I am sorry, but that statement is patently false.  There are not 'hundreds
> of bugs'
> in anything that we build.   I read the long post here on the reflector,
> and it's
> obvious that you didn't agree with our user-interface design philosophy
> the Orion.
> There is not a whole lot that can be done to overcome that - and that's
> we have a 30 day trial period and don't require an advance deposit for
> anything that Ten-Tec builds.
> We could just as easily make *fewer* revisions to the Orion firmware and
> not release the revision history - that doesn't strike me as being in sync
> our philosophy of 'telling it like it is' (for lack of a better term).
> There have been some comments about "Gee - you better not say anything
> bad on the reflector about Ten-Tec's products, or else...." - I think any
> long-time reader of this forum will have seen everything from blind praise
> to outright hostility over the entire spectrum of what we do.  The beauty
> of contesting.com is that it's archived for handy reference later.
> 73
> Scott Robbins, W4PA
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