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[TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff

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Subject: [TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff
From: res0wsci@verizon.net (WILLIAM MANSEY; WA2PVK)
Date: Thu Apr 10 22:17:52 2003
Hello Jim.
    How does the Orion's main RX compare to the RX-340?  I am very pleased
and impressed with the Orion's performance.  The RX performance is, without
a doubt, the best I have ever experienced!
    I tried the diversity reception, using stereo headphones, for the first
time a little while ago and found that to be fantastic. I had the main RX
set to the left ear and the sub RX to the right ear.  The main RX was
connected to a vertical antenna on one side of the house and the sub RX
connected to a horizontally polarized antenna on the other side of the
house.  As the received signal faded on one RX it was increasing on the
other.  It sounded like listening on a stereo receiver and moving the
balance control back and forth.  No more asking for stations to repeat
information!  I had noticed the reduction, or elimination, in QRN while
using the speaker BUT using headphones really demonstrated the diversity
    Anyway - I am curious as to how the receivers compare and I am confident
that others are as well.  Thanks 73, Bill.

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