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[TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff

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Subject: [TenTec] Some Orion vs. RX-340 stuff
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Thu Apr 10 22:56:20 2003
>My RX-340 is 43 Hz at 1 Hz step size,  and for example,
>with 1 kHz step size, one knob revolution yields a frequency
>change of 43 kHz.  Therefore there is greater converge of the band
>per knob rotation with the Orion.  Alan likes 5 kHz per complete
>rotation of the knob,  not sure why;  I like the RX-340 set up.

Hi Jim,

On RTTY < and possibly other digital modes?>, it is VERY
handy to have a FAST tuning rate, and a SLOW tuning rate.

I only operate RTTY as to digital stuff, but would imagine the 
newer modes would need similar requirements. Why not do 
some tinkering around there with the RX-340 and see how
changing the tuning rate to different setting works for you
and tuning in the digital signals there and report back?

5 khz works well for many ops ... 43 khz might be a bit fast 
for trying to tune in a RTTY signal ... Many use the slowest 
and a medium speed here on the MPs ... and touch 1 button 
to change the rate ... no menu's/mult's/etc. changes/turns
needed ...

The Kenwood's also have offer similar options on many 
models over the years as I recall ... this is not a new item.

That help to explain why the 'tuning rate' might be important 
to some ops and their operating?  I certainly don't want to
go back to the Bep Bip Boooop 'steps' on CW and SSB 
like the first generation of say the Icoms rigs were ...

73 Billy AA4NU
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