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[TenTec] PTO Rebuild Kit

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Subject: [TenTec] PTO Rebuild Kit
From: DJ5IL@aol.com (DJ5IL@aol.com)
Date: Fri Apr 11 07:30:03 2003
The Ten-Tec PTO Rebuild Kit instructions are erroneous:

Only 2 washers #51006 are supplied and used during
re-assembly, labeled D & F on page 5 of the instructions,
whereas the original PTO used 3 washers: one F and two
(!) D. If you rebuild the PTO as described with only two
washers, it tends to rub and creak while tuning.


Save one washer from the old PTO. Do not follow steps
23 & 24 of the rebuild instructions, instead proceed as
follows: Apply a small amount of grease inside rear cap (B).
Put the saved washer into the cap with the flat side down (!).
In addition, put one of the supplied washers into the cap
but with the flat side up (!). The two washers are now inside
the cap with their smooth sides against each other (this
is very important !) Insert the rear cap into the rear opening
and finish reassembly as described ... Enjoy !

Karl, DJ5IL
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