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[TenTec] ORION 1.337 Tuning Steps

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Subject: [TenTec] ORION 1.337 Tuning Steps
From: wg6h@postoffice.pacbell.net (Bill Miner)
Date: Sat Apr 12 00:10:29 2003

Nice to see another "newbie" on the list.  

Trust me when I tell you that I am NO programer but my friends, that
are, tell me that if they can write five or ten lines of debugged code
in a day they are doing really well.  

With over eight thousands lines of code in the ORION, I have to believe
that most of the upgrades we are seeing now have been in the works for
many weeks and not the result of intentional (or unintentional) remarks
made here on the T-T list over the last few days.  (This is just my
opinon and as you know... almost everyone has one!)

Hope all is well with you and yours.  Will listen for you on the Sunday

Thanks & 73,
Bill - K6WLM

Jay Bromley wrote:
> Hi Bill and Gang,
> Thanks also go to the guy that had a private email posted to this group and
> then got trashed a couple of days for it.

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