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[TenTec] Orion receiver audio gone after 'TUNE' button pressed

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion receiver audio gone after 'TUNE' button pressed
From: mnewell1@austin.rr.com (Michael A. Newell, WB4HUC)
Date: Sun Apr 13 09:33:53 2003
Three times in a row now I've turned the radio on,
and the first thing I've done is press the TUNE button
for a few seconds. When I press it again to turn it
off, neither receiver audio can be heard.

All the other functions work: menus, antenna buttons,
vfo buttons, etc., there's just no audio from either

I'm using version 1.337 of the firmware, but this
problem may not be related to a particular firmware

Can anyone else check this out? 

Just turn the rig off (or off then back on) then press
the TUNE switch to activate the transmitter. 

Then press TUNE again to turn off the transmitter
and see if either receiver audio is there or not.



Mike - WB4HUC
Austin, TX

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