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[TenTec] re: Orion RX muted after TUNE

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Subject: [TenTec] re: Orion RX muted after TUNE
From: wg6h@postoffice.pacbell.net (Bill Miner)
Date: Sun Apr 13 14:50:48 2003
Ken & Group,

My ORION does the same thing after being placed in TUNE or after using
the voice memory keyer function MESSAGE# the receive is muted.  As you
point out, simply cycling Push to Talk clears the condition.  

I have sent a message to ditsnbits on the RFSquared web site regarding
these as well as several other minor, very small, almost insignificant, 
firmware issues.

As I mentioned to a friend recently, programers that I know tell me that
if they can write five to ten lines of debugged code in a day they are
doing really good.  With over eight thousand lines of code in the ORION
firmware it may take a little time to resolve small issues like these.

In the mean time this is a very nice rig.  I am having too much fun with

Hope to see you on the Net today.

Bill - K6WLM

Ken Hopper N9VV wrote:
> Use any PTT line (MIC, AUX, external PADDLE) to kick it back into RX.
> Works every time. No need to power cycle, no need to reset, no need to
> recall. I can confirm the same problem on my unit. I thought it was just
> this Lab test box. Mike will you report it to Gary please.
> TU de ken
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