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Subject: [TenTec] Glossary
From: w3uls@3n.net (John Rippey)
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:28:21 2003
The following is an e-mail I've sent to Ten-Tec. Any support of this idea 
would be appreciated.

John, W3ULS

Hello Scott or whomever:

As the new owner of an Argonaut V,  I was delighted to find a glossary at 
the back of the owner's manual. A first, as far as I know.

A year ago when I was studying for my General Class license, I discovered 
that glossaries were scattered all over ARRL's study manuals and the 
Handbook, but there was no organization to them. Some definitions did not 
match others--probably a function of different authors at different times. 
As a result, I put together a crude glossary of my own attempting to 
incorporate all of the different subjects I could locate in the various 
books I was using. This turned out to be a multi-day project.

I found having the comprehensive glossary was an extremely useful tool for 
my studies (and I assume it will be just as useful when I get around to 
studying for an Extra). As a result of my experience, I cajoled ARRL staff 
to produce a truly comprehensive glossary, and they did respond by putting 
up on their web site a pretty good glossary and an explanation of 

Here is a suggestion: Although Ten-Tec is not in the publishing business, 
obviously someone in your company thought it would be a good idea to put a 
glossary in the Argonaut's manual. So why not take this a step further and 
publish in three-ring binder format a truly comprehensive glossary of ham 
radio terms and abbreviations? You have a good start with the Argonaut 
glossary, and the ARRL's work could serve as further material (whether they 
would give permission or not, I don't know, but the subjects and 
definitions are public domain). I bet you could find a ready market for 
such a publication and you might even earn a few bucks while doing newbie 
hams like me a HUGE favor. A Ten-Tec glossary could become the ham's Bible.

Alternatively, of course, there's always the web. But I recommend ink on paper.

John, W3ULS

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