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[TenTec] ORION 1.337 Tuning Steps

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Subject: [TenTec] ORION 1.337 Tuning Steps
From: w5jay@alltel.net (Jay Bromley)
Date: Sun Apr 13 20:28:25 2003
Hi Bill and Gang,
Thanks also go to the guy that had a private email posted to this group and
then got trashed a couple of days for it.

Thank You "Alan Davis"!

Alan your input apparently cause quite a nice upgrade for the Orion's
remaining owners!  :-)  Sorry I couldn't resist in having some fun here

I hope to hear all those super Orion's on the TT net this Sunday.

Still loving my RX-340/Jupiter/N4PY combo.  No upgraded needed here!!

73 de w5jay..

Just a newbie here on the list guys, right Jim Lowman?  ;-)

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Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 6:42 PM
Subject: [TenTec] ORION 1.337 Tuning Steps

> I don't remember who it was that did not like the tuning steps on the
> ORION or the fact that the frequency did not get rounded off when
> changing tuning steps but....  Hey!  The latested Flash Upgrade answers
> those issues and really works nice.
> Thank You Ten Tec!
> 73,
> Bill - K6WLM
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