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[TenTec] I miss my ORION

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Subject: [TenTec] I miss my ORION
From: ke4teg@bellsouth.net (KE4TEG)
Date: Mon Apr 14 10:59:25 2003
I have not heard word of any work being done for a mobile mount for the
Orion, you can't sell another radio that way. So Ten-Tec must be working on
the Orion 5, the 20 watt QRP version of the original Orion. Its just a
little bigger then the 526 and twice as thick with the top cover replaced by
the LCD display. Since the display is on the top, Ten-Tec was able to mount
all the knobs on the front panel. If you are going to buy it for mobile use,
it is best to buy the optional mobile mount bracket, remote display unit as
well as the mounting kit for the remote display. This is due to the display
on the radio being covered when mounted with the mobile mount bracket. They
think of everything at Ten-Tec. It is also recommended that the mobile user
get the optional 307 external communications speaker with new available
mobile mount. So let's see, that is one radio, 3 optional mobile brackets,
one optional mobile speaker, and one optional mobile display. Sounds like an
Icom-901C or the way IBM used to sell 8088 PCs.

Everybody does remember what month this is, right?

73 Keith

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Next request for TenTec...  when are they going to come out with a mobile
mount for the Orion? :)


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  Hello Grant,
      Sounds like you need a bigger suitcase!  I hope you do not get too
  depressed!  Perhaps we should start a support group for those who find
  themselves in a similar situation!
  Hang in there!  Look at this situation from an optimistic angle - - - you
  have an Orion waiting for you when you get home!  Not as bad as when you,
  and we, were waiting months for Orion deliveries!  If you survived THAT -
  what is a WEEK?  :-)   73, Bill

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