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[TenTec] OMNI V/ Daiwa CNW 518 - short circuit problem

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Subject: [TenTec] OMNI V/ Daiwa CNW 518 - short circuit problem
From: kd4znc@arrl.net (Jeff Modlin)
Date: Mon Apr 14 16:44:01 2003
Greetings all:

When running the OMNI on 20 meters through the tuner, after a few
seconds on SSB (about long enough to call CQ but not long enough to give
my calls) the SWR goes to infinity as indicated on both the rig's
reflected power meter and the tuner's meter.  With the rig in the tune
mode and the RF power at max and the tuner in line, the problem does not
exist. With the tuner out it also does not exist.  However, with a
different rig, on the same frequency, running the same power level, the
problem also does not exist. On any other band, the problem does not
exist.  In fact, I cannot duplicate the problem on any other band or
using any other rig but it is consistent with my OMNI V.  In addition,
Daiwa no longer supports the tuner in any form. 

I am thankful that the OMNI does not miss a beat running without the
tuner at 1.4:1 and that has been my solution.  Nevertheless, it is the
challenge not the SWR that drives me.

Does anyone have any ideas?

73 de Jeff
KD4ZNC in Coral Springs, Florida USA
E-mail:  KD4ZNC@arrl.net
Coordinates: 26? 14' 30'' N,    80? 15' 28'' W
Grid: EL96uf

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