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[TenTec] Q: Iambic Keys

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Subject: [TenTec] Q: Iambic Keys
From: w6hv@surfbest.net (Troy Wideman)
Date: Mon Apr 14 17:01:53 2003
 While my net and ragchew preference is my old "Blue Racer" Vibroplex bug or
Mac bug , I do use the Vibroplex single arm paddle in contests. I tried
their (and the Bencher) iambic paddle and found iambic operation not to my
"taste". If you're not a died-in-the-wool iambic paddle user, I suggest you
try to borrow a single arm paddle and see how it fits. I also have the Brass
Racer and their other paddles are far better in my opinion.
Troy, W6HV
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Subject: [TenTec] Q: Iambic Keys

> Which Iambic Keys do you use?
> I presently use a Vibroplex Brass Racer,
> and would like your suggestions.
> Price range around $100.
> TNX,
> jamie/KF4VOP
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