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[TenTec] WinTune(?) and paddles

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Subject: [TenTec] WinTune(?) and paddles
From: k5uj@hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Mon Apr 14 19:37:48 2003

The solution to the problem of zerobeating by matching audio pitches is to 
get a Corsair II.  (Could not resist a plug for the older rigs ha ha.)

If you ask a hundred guys what's the best paddle, you'll get a hundred 
different answers.  Paddles are like shoes--a paddle that's comfortable and 
feels good to one op will be disliked vy much by another.  You can get a 
general idea however by looking at the paddle reviews on eham. If possible 
try one in person before buying.  Generally:  MFJ--only if you op cw for a 
few minutes once a year.  Next up probably something like a Bencher--I use 
one and like it a lot but I don't op cw 100% all the time.  Above the 
Benchers and ones in its class are the more exotics with magnets and such 
for the ops who are really serious.  Golfers are always looking for the new 
magic putter and driver that will let them ace all the time & cw ops are 
always looking for the next miracle paddle so there have been lots of wild 
designs over the years.  Try something ~$100-$150 & see how U like it & find 
something comfortable.  Eventually if you want to get serious you can always 
sell it and spend hundreds of $$ on something that will get people calling 
you Grease Gun or Speed Merchant.


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