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[TenTec] Q: Iambic Keys

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Subject: [TenTec] Q: Iambic Keys
From: althofft@concentric.net (Tom A)
Date: Mon Apr 14 19:39:46 2003
I've used the Bencher/MFJ and like the feel but I'm so fat-fisted that when
I was moving things around on the desk that I would inevitably hit the
paddles which are held in place by springs and "BOING!" they would fly out
of position.

I finally settled on my favorite Iambic Paddle - The Brown Brother's with
the red paddles.   There is room at the back of the base where I mounted an
MFJ keyer on its side using double sided foam tape.  I then replaced the
keyer volume control with a replacement shaft encoder from Ten-Tec and a
spinner knob off of an old VTR shuttle controller.  I can tune my Omni-V.9+
around using my thumb and send cw without moving my right hand more than 3
inches while I write with my left.  Nice feel and when I bump into it all I
get is a dit or dah but no "boing".

Tom K2TA

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> Which Iambic Keys do you use?
> I presently use a Vibroplex Brass Racer,
> and would like your suggestions.
> Price range around $100.
> TNX,
> jamie/KF4VOP
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