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[TenTec] FCC Letters for "Enhanced SSB"

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Subject: [TenTec] FCC Letters for "Enhanced SSB"
From: w2agn@w2agn.net (W2AGN)
Date: Thu Apr 17 19:36:42 2003
The ARRL Web site notes that several "widebanders," a wide SSB 
emission that has bothered HF-Pack operations on 17 meters, have been 
put on notice by the FCC's Riley Hollingsworth:

" 'Enhanced SSB' Bandwidths 'Extremely Inconsiderate,' FCC Says (Apr 
17, 2003) -- The FCC has sent advisory notices to four enthusiasts of 
what's become known as 'enhanced SSB'--the practice of engineering 
transmitted single-sideband audio to ..."
Complete article at 

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