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[TenTec] Is the Orion Performance Table COorrect?

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Subject: [TenTec] Is the Orion Performance Table COorrect?
From: JamesDuffey@comcast.net (James R. Duffey)
Date: Thu Apr 17 20:33:34 2003
There appears to be an error in the performance comparision posted on the
Ten-Tec site:

?                     5 kHz 2 tone 3rd order dynamic range?? 5 kHz IP3

ORION?????????????????101 dB??????????????????????????????????+24 dBm

Elecraft K2????????????88 dB???????????????????????????????????+1 dBm

Ten-Tec says that the K-2 numbers are from ARRL product reviews, 14 MHz,
preamp off.

The ARRL procuct review lists these numbers for the K-2

Two-tone, third-order IMD dynamic range: Two-tone, third-order IMD dynamic
range (700-Hz IF filter):

14 MHz  98 dB

Third-order input intercept point: Preamp off
14 MHz +21.6 dBm 

These numbers seem to be different, that is  better, than the ones Ten - Tec

The Orion performance is still better, but not by as much of a margin.

I was going to post the Ten-Tec numbers on the Elecraft list and thought I
would check them first. Does anyone have an idea where the difference is? Or
did I miss something obvious? - Dr. Megacycle KK6MC/5
James R. Duffey KK6MC/5
Cedar Crest NM 87009 DM65

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