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[TenTec] FCC Letters for "Enhanced SSB"

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Subject: [TenTec] FCC Letters for "Enhanced SSB"
From: res0wsci@verizon.net (WILLIAM MANSEY; WA2PVK)
Date: Thu Apr 17 21:36:11 2003
Hi Paul,
    Now that IS interesting!  Perhaps it is "guilt by association" or that
there was some other mistake made.
    Just to avoid flames and clear things up - - - I never could see the
point of broadcast microphones, equalizers, mixers and whatever on sideband
for the reason you mentioned - that being the TX bandwidth setting.  I use
the Heil HC-4 mic. element when DXing AND my TX bandwidth IS set to 2.8 KHz.
Like the description of the HC-4 states "It isn't pretty but it IS
effective"  (or words to that effect)
    I am NOT putting anyone down!  We all have differing interests and that
is one of the great things about our hobby.  We can all go off and enjoy our
favorite mode(s) and generally there is no conflict.
    You are correct - this is NOT a Ten-Tec reflector issue.  I am only
posting THIS note due to my previous (too hasty) posting.   73,  Bill

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