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[TenTec] Contol of the Orion/340 System

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Subject: [TenTec] Contol of the Orion/340 System
From: mark@microenh.com (Mark Erbaugh)
Date: Fri Apr 18 08:50:11 2003
>From what I could tell from reading the manual (downloaded - no Orion here)
about the RX ANT connection on the Orion is an input. Yes, I am wondering
about an output to support an external receiver. On the Omni V, the RX ANT
jack could be used either as an input for a receive antenna or as an output
for a second receiver. The design changed with the Omni VI, and, I assume
the Orion.

The muting of the RX340 on Pegasus transmit is pretty simple. The RX340 has
a mute input (on the DB15 audio connector). You simple connect the TX relay
output from the Pegasus to that input.


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Subject: [TenTec] Contol of the Orion/340 System

> Carl wrote in part:
> >   But I think there will be an RX ANT connection on a board in
> > the Orion that can be brought out to the spare jack.
> > It's too bad, with all the great things on the Orion that no AUX
> > Receiver jack was put on it.
> Maybe I am not sure of what you are talking about.  There is
> an RCA socket on the back of the Orion for RX Only antenna
> input.
> I the AUX Rcvr jack discussed here to be a rcv'd signal
> output source,  that is for a signal from the Orion over
> to the 340?
> In the Pegasus/RX-340 configuration Carl has done,  the
> antenna signal first enters the Pegasus,  and a rcv'd
> signal is wired out from the Peg for connection over to
> the 340 input antenna terminal.  And,  somehow,  Carl
> mutes the 340 when the Peg is in transmit mode.  Certainly
> the 340 will have to be muted also when the Orion is
> to transmit,  hi.
> 73,  Jim  KH7M
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