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[TenTec] Enhanced SSB

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Subject: [TenTec] Enhanced SSB
From: ewell2@cvc.net (Mail)
Date: Fri Apr 18 11:20:39 2003
Good morning:

           Comment about linear amplifiers, yes 40 db over signal is really too 
however I use my amplifier when I am net control of nets, and also when I send
traffic to stations that are in high noise levels, or that have poor antenna 
      I use my amplifier about 5% of the time.  Most communications on SSB is 
with 25 watts SSB.  We all know that you have to increase your signal strength 
times to have one S unit increase at the receiver end.
      I understand that the purpose of SSB was to minimize the bandwidth, 
efficiency, and pass only the necessary voice bandwidth for communications.
   True transceivers do not usually have any problem with intermod distortion, 
linear amplifiers are another matter, and some do not know how to heavy load 
the amp
(i.e. over couple) to keep the amplifier linear.

Ed  73  K7DXV  ewell2@cvc.net  
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