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[TenTec] Re: Questions about some Orion behaviours

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Questions about some Orion behaviours
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Fri Apr 18 12:34:37 2003
>Do you own one?

Nope, not yet ...

>I would presume from your comments that you've never had your
>hands on one and haven't even read much.

I have been discussing this project LONG before you even knew
it existed ... so mellow out ... Scott and I have been going back
and forth on this way before it was even named.

>There is very little this radio has
> in common with the "JA" rigs.

Really?  Let's see ... it's black ... it has 2 rcvrs ... it has a monitor

2nd rcvr  is general coverage ... Nope ... I don't see a thing
"in common with the JA rigs" ... B-)  B-)  B-)

And ... WHY do you think TT ADDED these?

None of which were found in the VI ...

Mnn ...

>It is NOT 1.5 receivers in a box.  It is very definitely two.  And there
>few other parameters that the current crop of JA rigs even come close to.

Read my post ... 1.5 as in rigs ... it's not a SO2R radio, it's just like
the MP, D, 950SDX, 775, etc ... 1.5 ... 1 xmit ... 2 rcvrs

>One opine of many.  Worth the paper it's written on.

And of exactly the same nominal value as mine too! B-)

Have a great weekend there, Happy Easter to all!

73 Billy AA4NU

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