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(Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?

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Subject: (Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?
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Date: Fri Apr 18 17:04:37 2003
From:                   WA3FIY <wa3fiy@radioadv.com>
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Subject:                Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?
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On 17 Apr 2003 at 14:38, Timothy.Urban@wc.ey.com wrote:

> The Paragon initially received a fairly poor QST review due to alleged
> phase noise. A number of subsequent TT fixes appeased ARRL but the rig

As I recall, that problem was quickly fixed.

On the other hand, as the I recall, the Paragon turned in the 
best two tone dynamic range the ARRL had reported up to the 
time of the review, and since then few rigs have matched or 
bettered the Paragon.   It's TT third order dynamic range was 
over 100 db!   Not bad by any standard.  Blocking dynamic 
range was very high as well.   

I have three here, one as a lab instrument, one as a ham radio 
transceiver and one probably for sale some day when I get 
around to it.   

Other than the well known solder failure in the PLL board, my 
Paragons have been trouble free and they are bullet proof as 
far as handling strong signals.

73 de Lee, WA3FIY
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73 de Lee,  WA3FIY

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