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[TenTec] Enhanced SSB

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Subject: [TenTec] Enhanced SSB
From: w5yr@att.net (George, W5YR)
Date: Fri Apr 18 17:54:32 2003
Paul, are not AM broadcast stations still assigned frequencies on a 10 KHz

If so, that would appear to limit the upper end of audio response to about
4500Hz, leaving a small amount of guard band between adjacent stations.

Straighten me out on this one, please!   <:}

73/72, George
Amateur Radio W5YR -  the Yellow Rose of Texas
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> > damping to let the microphone hear only the "golden tones" of the ham
> > transmitting. AM broadcast doesn't even allow going to 15 KHz.
> Prior to the implementation of NRSC mask in the early '90s, AM Broadcast
stations had no upper limit.  The NRSC mask now effectively
> limits the audio passband to approximately 9.5 kHz....and the service
still sounds poor despite attempts by broadcast stations and
> receiver manufacturers to improve the quality.
> WOR in New York has been experimenting (yes, even broadcasters are allowed
to experiment just like hams once were) with digital IBOC
> but the jury is still out on whether it can be a viable mode given sky
wave propagation, fading, noise & interference, etc.  The
> IBOC receiver goes into an analog "blend" mode when the BER reaches a
pre-determined threshold.  I haven't heard it, but I can only
> imagine...
> -Paul, W9AC
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