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[TenTec] WTS: 128kbps remote link stuff

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Subject: [TenTec] WTS: 128kbps remote link stuff
From: tongaloa@alltel.net (tongaloa)
Date: Fri Apr 18 19:28:35 2003
128kbps serial to 5 miles over twisted pair.
Want to remote you station?
ADTRAN ISU-128 ISDN CPE also has long haul modem
capability. A unit may be set to provide clocking
and you can run a 5 mile long serial link over telephone
wire. Run you audio over another pair.
$99 for a set of these to make a link includes USA ship.
Manual and lots of other info on line at Adtran web site.
for link and photos and more hype :-)
ah7i, ah7i/4

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