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(Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?

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Subject: (Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?
From: wa3fiy@radioadv.com (WA3FIY)
Date: Fri Apr 18 19:29:17 2003
On 18 Apr 2003 at 17:43, W2AGN wrote:

> Maybe I wasn't tuned in, but what is the "well known" solder failure? 
Hmmm.........?  Maybe it was only "well known" by me.  :-)  I have 
three Paragons and I had the failure in two of them.   I also know of 
several other Paragons that had the same failure.

I don't know the mechanics of what happens but one of the PLL 
boards, I think the major loop board but please don't hold me to that, 
develops intermittent solder joints.  A little touch-up with a small iron 
and you're good for another 10 years or so.   I use a 20 power 
microscope to find the joints.   They have an interesting failure mode.   
It does not seem to be a cold solder or otherwise poor soldering job 
at the factory.   It looks like a fatigue failure.   The solder actually 
fractures at the point of failure.   I usually find several such joints 
when I go over the board.  

That's the only problem I've had and it is easily fixed so all in all, I 
consider the Paragon a good radio.

73 de Lee, WA3FIY
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