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Subject: [TenTec] Wide SSB
From: k5uj@hotmail.com (Rob Atkinson, K5UJ)
Date: Fri Apr 18 20:24:12 2003

"There is a rule in part 97 about using the minimum spectrum required for 
the communications, right next to the one about using the minimum

I do not argue with the FCC's intent here however, if we follow an extremely 
literal interpretation of this to the maximum extent allowed by analog 
technology, the resulting "taliban audio" would be a nasal, metalic kind of 
mechanical sound that would make everyone sound like space aliens on a Star 
Trek episode.  I think there's a happy and reasonable medium in there 
somewhere between the 3.9 Khz allowed by the Jupiter and the traditional 
utilitarian sound of the older sideband rigs.  I find a 2.5 - 2.8 khz wide 
signal much more pleasant to listen to.  If a band plan agreement to put 
these on 15 and 75 where there's more space comes about so be it, but to 
squelch any attempt to try something new does not seem to be part of the 
amateur spirit to me.  Besides, who wants to sound like they're on the 
telephone or a 2m repeater?  If I want that I'll make a phone call.  I've 
tried 10 m. FM.  I found it remarkable for it's blandness and lack of 
character.  May as well be on an internet chat room or whatever those voice 
links are called.


Rob Atkinson

Note to prevent further embarrassment:  Regardless of what my earlier 
message said, I did know that 20 has an additional 50 Khz over the 40 phone 
allocation, but I won't be surprised if you don't believe me. : )

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