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[TenTec] Titan 425E Advice

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Subject: [TenTec] Titan 425E Advice
From: kd7efq62@hotmail.com (M.Todd Miskel)
Date: Fri Apr 18 20:27:30 2003
I am purchasing a Titan 425E that seems to be well cared for and has
new 3CPX800A7 tubes installed in it. I do not know if any other work has
been done, but could someone tell me what the most common failures and
bugs I need to watch for on this amp. I am not a contester, and will
only use the amp moderately for nets and occasional DX contacts. I will
be taking the covers off the RF deck and P/S to look before the sale.
Any advice is greatly appreciated. I subscribe to the reflector so
replies can be posted here and I will get them. 73's Todd KD7EFQ

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