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[TenTec] Argo V and Carl's software for SWL

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Subject: [TenTec] Argo V and Carl's software for SWL
From: res0wsci@verizon.net (WILLIAM MANSEY; WA2PVK)
Date: Fri Apr 18 22:51:33 2003
Hi Tim,
    I have NOT used my Argonaut V with Carl's software (yet) but have used
it for SWLing and as a backup rig.  I had a Jupiter but traded it toward the
Orion.  I purchased the Argo to use in the interim and simply love it!  The
Argo adds versatility.  I can monitor two bands, or sections of one band, on
the Orion and use the Argo to keep tabs on yet another band!  (or to listen
to AM broadcast or SWL while DXing with the Orion)  Great combination.  73,

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