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(Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?

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Subject: (Fwd) Re: [TenTec] Corsair versus Paragon?
From: w2agn@w2agn.net (W2AGN)
Date: Fri Apr 18 23:01:18 2003
I also have and use a Paragon. So far, no troubles and it does have an
excellent receiver. I also have the FM board in it, and have some fun on 29
6 FM.
Maybe I wasn't tuned in, but what is the "well known" solder failure? 
John W2AGN (patiently awaiting moderator approval to get an answer)
-------Original Message-------
Other than the well known solder failure in the PLL board, my 
Paragons have been trouble free and they are bullet proof as 
far as handling strong signals.
73 de Lee, WA3FIY
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