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Subject: [TenTec] Orion Reviews
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Fri Apr 18 23:13:42 2003
>back...oh yea, I forgot... no one else other than TenTec has a 30-day
>money back guarantee.  Never mind.

Gee ... and why is that? ... Think it might be due to the fact that others
still have a dealer network, and the problems for the dealers to handle
the gear?  All together now ... "never mind" ... B-) <please note this<

TT has no dealer network in the USA to concern themselves with ...

Oh woe be ... if <you fill in the blank here> were to try a test program
via their dealer networks ... that allowed the 30 day test drive ... or
say one of the larger dealers were to experiment ... mnn ...

The 30 day test window, is a great sales tool ... very basic ... and also
very old ... It's the classic Puppy Dog Close ... "Why don't you just take
that cute puppy <new rig> home, and play with him/her <it> for awhile,
if you don't like her/her/it ... you can bring'em back ... <within 30 days>"

It's been years since Sales Marketing 101, but the % of those who will
keep the "new puppy" are much higher ... than those who might not have
made NO buying choice at the moment, so ... not only is it good for the
new owner ... it's also very very good for the seller.

So it's a win win for everyone in most cases. The limitation of that close
is that when more than two parties are involved, things get complicated.

>And then the BS starts.
>Why start the sarcastic "if it's not TT it's no good" style remarks again?
>I really get tired of the inability of people to step out of the "TenTec
>Forever" box.

Brand loyalty is a reality ... <sigh> as is brand blindness ... B-)

So the TT mojo is for real, huh? B-(

Time will tell ... as to the rest of the story on the Orion.

Personally I think in another 6 to 12 months ... when the initial 'features'
have all been 'downloaded' out, and there's software/hardware support
by the third party vendors ... it's going to be REALLY exciting for the
Orion. Lots of contestors are watching very closely. If the Orion provides
an measurable advantage, then Orions will be on their desks. If not ...

W4PA and others have really put a great deal of effort into this project,
and the next batch or two of Orions in the field, along with the present
ones will give TT some great feedback as to how to improve the design
via hopefully only the software downloads, not trips back to TT.

Now the measurement is simply between 'the dream' and 'the reality' ...

Which is still looking VERY promising in specific key areas at the moment,
like the MAIN RCVR ... some of the other items ... those may fall into the
individual user needs/wants ... but on the MAIN RCVR ... that's where the
largest amount of agreement will probably always be.

Happy Easter to all!

73 Billy AA4NU

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