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[TenTec] limited Orion reviews?

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Subject: [TenTec] limited Orion reviews?
From: tjednacz@ieee.org (Thomas Jednacz)
Date: Fri Apr 18 23:15:30 2003
Hi Tim, I had a 756 PRO before the Orion and did a side by side comparison.
Really no comparison. The Orion filters are cleaner and sharper on SSB, the
intermods are better on Orion, more choices of filters - can go down to 100
Hz with no reduction in intelligibility or strength, the notch width is
settable, and many more items. The important thing is the Orion is much more
clear and clean. The matching speaker is super - nice frequency range of
lows to highs. I have never heard so many clean signals on 40 meter SSB at
night. One nice thing about the filters (one continuous adjustment - not
button to push for each filter) is that the bandwidth is adjusted from high
frequency toward low frequency to narrow the bandwith. The PRO brought both
ends toward the middle and at 1.8 KHz the signal was not intelligible
because you lost the lows. Not on the Orion - good copy at even 1.5KHz
bandwith. Just wonderful.

Hope this gives you a little incite into the Orion in actual use and side by
side comparison. Also compared it to the Omni VI+ and an FT-1000D and it
beats them all in all the above items.

73, Tom, W7QF

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Subject: [TenTec] limited Orion reviews?

Hi folks -
Is it my imagination or is the response to the Orion rather subdued? Has
anyone set there's down next to a 756 Pro II for A/B comp? I'd love to know
any impressions about the two rigs compared.
73/Tim Logan NZ7C

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