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Subject: [TenTec] Orion Reviews
From: ab7r@direcway.com (Greg Fischer)
Date: Sat Apr 19 00:29:58 2003
I know this is going to the list, just in case anyone else misunderstood my
previous post regarding Orion reviews.  But is more specifically directed to
Tim, NZ7C.

Sorry if this offended anyone...it was only meant in jest.  It was a joke
and thats it.  Some people do still have a sense of humor....jeez, at least
I hope so.

But do NOT automatically jump to the conclusion that because someone makes a
positive remark regarding TenTec that they are a "TenTec Forever" person as
Tim puts it.  In fact, I have only had two TT rigs in the past, a VI+ and
the Argo V.  I have been searching for what I regard as the perfect HF rig
for ME and up till now, have not found it.  This includes a couple MPs,
775dsp, 746, 756, a couple K2s  etc.  Although I have not had the pleasure
of trying a 1000D or a PROII.  Up till now, my favorite was the original MP,
for my style of operating choices.  But far from ideal.

I hope the Orion is it and I think it will be.  Remember, everyone has their
own idea of what their ideal rig will be or do based on their personal
choices and operating style.  For the way I enjoy operating, and based on
what I have read and heard so far, the Orion should fit the bill...for now.

Oh yea, 2 reasons for me choosing the Orion as the first NEW rig I have
bought in a long time, IS the fact that if I don't like it, I can send it
back for a refund (although I most seriously doubt I will be doing that),
and the way you can  perform the flash upgrades.

And Phil, if you are reading this, I'm not going to sell it...hihihi.

So....hey..lighten up a bit.  I thought it was pretty plain to see it was
meant as a joke.


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Subject: Re: [TenTec] Orion Reviews

> Some Orion owner can always buy a  PROII and compare the two; then send it
> back...oh yea, I forgot... no one else other than TenTec has a 30-day
> back guarantee.  Never mind.
> Greg
> AB7R

I don't often taker the bait on this reflector, but it's the above kind of
remark that annoys me with this reflector. All I'm asking about is how the
Orion, as a new entry into the DSP market, might fair against the nearest
DSP competition - which just happens to be made by another manufacturer. And
then the BS starts. I used to own a ProII and now I own a VI+ instead - but
the ProII  is one very fine radio. Why start the sarcastic "if it's not TT
it's no good" style remarks again? I really get tired of the inability of
people to step out of the "TenTec Forever" box.
  It's a legitimate question for this reflector. Do we know if the 32 bit IF
DSP system in the Orion works better than the Pro? Is that even a sensible
question or is there too much else that is different between the designs?
Myself I have no clue. It appears that no one happens to own both, but it
sure would be nice to know.
73/Tim NZ7C

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