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Date: Sat Apr 19 07:35:54 2003
Personally, I'm more'n a little amused at the thought of my tuning for CQ's 
on a second band while working a station on the first band. They guys who do 
that are a whole lot better coordinated than I ever was. And working search 
and pounce on two bands would be even more of a challenge. 

SO2R with one rig, even with a very brief blank out while you are actually 
transmitting, is enough of a challenge for me, and for the really serious 
contesters I know, without trying to provide fills, log, make sure the 
exchange is correct in the log, etc., etc.  

That would take the sort of coordianation a guy I knew, mebbe 60 years ago, 
who went to work at a war plant. This old boy really wanted to do his part to 
whup Tojo, so running a drill press with just one arm wasn't enough.  

By the time he and the plant engineers got through he was drilling with one 
hand, moving stock with an elbow, punching with the other hand and changing 
sheets with the other elbow, and tapping the holes he'd drilled with one 
foot. So he's standing on one foot doing all that when his supervisor noticed 
he looked like he was about to cry. 

"What's wrong, Claude?" axed the super. "Well, I don't think I'm earning my 
pay over here," sez Claude. "If you could just strap a broom to my backside I 
could sweep the floor." 

Or, as we used to say in Alta Tejas, that's way too much sugar for a dime. 

73  Pete Allen  AC5E

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