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[TenTec] Donate a Triton!

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Subject: [TenTec] Donate a Triton!
From: W3GQJ@attbi.com (John T. Fleming)
Date: Sat Apr 19 15:11:35 2003

I bought a Triton II from Tydings Radio on Liberty Avenue from Ed Lips,
W3BWU in 1973 serial number 82.  TT then came out with an upgrade from the 4
pole filter to the 8 pole filter.  I remember when I sent it back to the
company, UPS wanted to see what was in the box for so much money!  Did I
have it packed well?  I bought an Omni D in 1981 and sold the Triton.  I
just bought a Jupiter about a month ago.  I also kept the Omni.

John, W3GQJ

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Interesting article on donating equipment just got put up on eHam.net.  See

Funny thing... the author says that the Triton is vintage 1973?  I thought
it came along afterwards!

73, ron wn3vaw

And now, the 2003 Version of the Jack Bogut Memorial Joke:
Why aren't they serving beer at PNC Park this year?
Because (drumroll please), the Pirates lost the Opener!

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