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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
From: aa4nu@ix.netcom.com (Billy Cox)
Date: Sat Apr 19 19:28:29 2003
>They guys who do that are a whole lot better coordinated than I ever was.
>And working search and pounce on two bands would be even more of a

AC5E, I'll like you to meet one of the BEST ... he is W4PA ... especially
on CW, Scott can do the above like he was born to run the stations! He
can sit there, hold a conversation speaking with you, and run on CW ...
and do it on 2 radios! Scott is not the only one lurking on here, there are
others too that can juggle such feats of skill. It really can be fun at

For those of you who don't contest ... check out where W4PA stands
in the various DX and domestic contest rankings ... Look at the top of
the listings ... and it won't take you long to find his scores/efforts.

And actually S&P is easier ... If you are working stations on Rig A at a
rate of 1 every other minute (30 per hour), and working stations via S&P
on Rig B at a rate of every other minute (30 per hour), that's the same as
1 rig working 60 stations an hour ... in a weekend contest, that 2nd rig
can really add up the difference by the time the contest is over. 1 QSO
every other minute is a very slow pace ... there's a LOT of dead space.

And a "60 hour" is very slow for most SO2R ops ...

Sure there's a few exceptions to the above ... but a super op, with a super
setup is indeed something to observe. That's why/when the Orion will really
start to SHINE when all the pieces finally fall into place like the logging
software and the hardware interfaces. Great SO2R requires auto switching
for the hardware and autotracking for the logging ... both are yet to come.

It is also why ONE Orion won't replace a pair of MPs or Omni VIs for that
level of competition for multi band operation. For those that enjoy doing
single band contesting ... They are THERE! ... as the software does not
need to know the band the Orion is on ... their FUN starts NOW as they
have no need for SO2R capability as a norm.

Locally we call those like W4PA, N4ZZ, and so ... RF Mutants ... and we
refer to them with respect as they really know how to push the envelope
in their operating while most of us mere mortals sit in awe ...

>SO2R with one rig, even with a very brief blank out while you are actually
>transmitting, is enough of a challenge for me, and for the really serious
>contesters I know, without trying to provide fills, log, make sure the
>exchange is correct in the log, etc., etc.

You need to find some REALLY serious contestors then! B-) B-) B-)

SO2R is 2 Radios ... No very brief blank period allowed. Folks way more
serious than me have actually done the math and can tell you, over the
period of the contest ... how much TIME those "brief blanks" add up to ...
and then how MANY more QSOs could have been made/etc.

<RTTY ops, some are already SO3R and SO4R!>

There's a reason Scott, as well as others use TWO rigs. It's a MUST
for that level of serious competition.

That "very brief blank out" seems like FOREVER ... with the right software,
and the knowledge of how to work it <rather that it working you>, it really
becomes 2nd nature ... do this enough, and the time for fills/exchange/etc.
is nil when things are 'right' ... Get used to this, and 1 radio seems

Certain contests ... like Sweepstakes ... almost require TRUE SO2R to
even place in the top box today. And come Sunday afternoon ... you are
working both radios as hard as you can to CQ on one, and S&P on the
other ... it's certainly an art ... and one that takes years to acquire to
really do well. You have to have 2 RIGS to do this the way it works best.

6 - 12 months from now ... a 2x Orion setup <using the MAIN rcvr> with the
right software, and the right hardware interfaces ... in the hands of a top
tier op ... is going to be quite the excitement to use. Today, for such a
level of competition ... we are still a bit too early for serious SO2R ...

By Fall, all of it could be in place ... if the third party vendors will
create the needed items. Right now, there's simply too few Orions 
"out there" and they may just be waiting to see how successful the 
Orion will be with the serious contest crew. That sadly, puts TT at 
a disadvantage, as they can't control the other vendors, but know the 
other pieces need to be in place for the Orion to be really and eagerly
adopted into the mainstream.

<So if you know any of these third party vendors, PUSH THEM!> B-)

73 Billy AA4NU

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