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[TenTec] Shure 444D microphone F/S

To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Subject: [TenTec] Shure 444D microphone F/S
From: w4wvw@msn.com (Edward Crawford)
Date: Mon Apr 21 22:37:15 2003
I have a nice looking Shure 444D I am interested in selling. It has a couple 
scratches up on the head of the mic and it's missing one of the little feets on 
the bottom but other than that it looks good. Has hi and lo impedance switch so 
it will work good with any of the Ten-Tec radios old and new. Will ship it to 
you for $45. Can send a picture via email if you are interested. I am too lazy 
to lean forward to use a desk mic. I'm more of a laid back in the chair with 
the hand mic kind of a guy. Oh, yeah, it comes with the original data sheet and 
the amateur radio wiring guide. Not currently wired to a plug of any kind.
Thanks and 73 de ed w4wvw

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