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[TenTec] Orion interface

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Subject: [TenTec] Orion interface
From: WD4K2@Charter.net (WD4K)
Date: Tue Apr 22 00:48:18 2003
I have been working on an interim interface for the Orion to the Top Ten
decoder box. It is working just fine and I will be happy to give any details
of the construction to anyone who needs them...It is a simple bandaid and if
needed Ken offered to post the info on the N9VV webpage. That will work for
the moment and allow custom configured switching, but the really good news

Dave (N3RD) at Top Ten has designed a total plug and play interface for the
Orion owners who use the Top Ten Decoder boxes. Dave has always been
terrific to work with and his product and customer support are top notch. We
have been talking about this quite a bit and Dave estimates that I will have
the prototype in hand in about two weeks for testing.

The product info is:
1.  Mod kit for Top Ten Yaesu band decoder (standard and source driver)
2.  Easily retrofitted, and reversible.
3.  Top Ten can provide an optional high quality cable to plug into the
Coming soon....pricing TBD.  Not available by Dayton.

I introduced this tonight during a presentation by Scott (W4PA) here in
Nashville and it was well received and good news for everyone. Scotts
presentation, depth of knowledge and expertise was super and the large
turnout here loved every minute of it. I think I see more Orions headed to
Tennessee consumers.  Hi
I have no interest in Top Ten other than helping to get our new Ten Tec
Orions fully up to speed. Considering they have only been out 3 weeks, they
are doing really well.  I will post info on this as it progresses. 73, Tommy

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