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[TenTec] Slightly OT: SSB vs AM

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Subject: [TenTec] Slightly OT: SSB vs AM
From: nq5t@attbi.com (nq5t@attbi.com)
Date: Tue Apr 22 13:27:35 2003
> is for SSB. Using the same full bandwidth, SSB can transmit at twice
> the information rate or, by limiting bandwidth to conserve spectrum
> and be better neighbors, we get the same information rate in half the
> bandwidth with SSB.

Ah, yes .. the technical stuff is all true.  But AM is AM, very 
neighborly, and all the better for it :-)  

And the good news is that Ten-Tec has made the Orion a mighty 
fine sounding AM radio with excellent transmit and receive audio 
and no need to fiddle with power output controls to set the carrier 
level and adjust transmitter headroom as in most of it's brethren.  
It's all automatic and (so far) trouble free.

True, it's no Globeking/R-390 but it passes pretty well.  Now if T-T 
had just put a pair of P-P 6V6's in the audio output stage :-)

Grant  ...

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