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From: tongaloa@alltel.net (tongaloa)
Date: Wed Apr 23 17:47:11 2003
Two day to Oahu is three day and no Sat delivery
available on overnight (which takes two days)
I'm surprised they can get it to Kauai in 3 day as well.

Will much appreciate hearing comparison results (with your RX)

ah7i, ah7i/4

Jim Reid wrote
> Aloha,
> Found this in my incoming e-mail this morning:
> "TEN-TEC INC. sent REID, JIM an Economy Two-Day Package.
> This shipment was processed by FedEx at this date and time:
> Wednesday Apr 23 2003 12:17:47 PM CDT."
> Do you suppose..........?
> Sort of unfortunately,  2 day economy between Tennessee
> and Kauai is 3 business days;  or whatever IT is,  should
> be delivered out here on Monday.
> Again,  do you suppose production lot #2 has begun shipment,
> or is it just the studio mike,  DIN cable, and optional cooling
> fan they are now shipping????  We will see in good time,  hi.
> 73 from anxious Jim,  KH7M
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