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[TenTec] My second Ten Tec is a Triton IV.

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Subject: [TenTec] My second Ten Tec is a Triton IV.
From: N4NT_Mike.Hyder@charter.net (Mike Hyder -N4NT-)
Date: Wed Apr 23 23:49:44 2003
other things:

the dial pointer is pulled down to the left with a rubber bungee section of
the dial cord.  Over the years, it will lose elasticity and the pointer will
fail to go all the way to the left.  You will not need to restring the whole
cord, just replace that section.

if the receiver gets to where it has a little warble sound when tuning in a
cw signal, it is an indication that the grease in the PTO has dried up and
gotten all gummy.  when that happens, you'll need to remove and dismantle
the PTO, clean the old grease out, regrease it and reinstall it.  marking
the wire colors that connect to the feedthrus on the PTO will facilitate
reconnecting them.  hooking a loop of dental floss over the straight end of
the d-ring in the dial skirt will allow you to replace the skirt without

there is a slide switch on the rear panel that allows you to use a separate
receive antenna.  over time, that switch often gets dirty and the receiver
goes deaf.  cycling the switch several times will cure it.

over the years, the little pins on the circuit boards may get some sort of
coating (like a light corrosion) that will interfere with proper operation
in some way or another.  removing and reinstalling the circuit boards one at
a time will cure all sorts of ills.

there is a little 'grain-of-wheat' bulb that illuminates a pointer that
shines on the top of the dial skirt.  getting to it is a real bother.  if
you have the occasion to remove the front panel for some reason, put a 68
ohm resistor in series with that lamp to prolong its life.  i put a 27 ohm
resistor in series with the meter lamp for the same reason.

73, Mike N4NT

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Subject: [TenTec] My second Ten Tec is a Triton IV.

> Greetings to the group!
> I just bought a Triton IV (Model 540).  I have it up and
> running.  Haven't done a complete checkout but it seems OK,
> at this point.  I think it is a keeper!
> Any suggestions, guidance, or resources that I should know
> about?
> Thanks in advance..
> 73,
> Larry

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