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[TenTec] Scout Power Mod

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout Power Mod
From: ewell2@cvc.net (Mail)
Date: Sat Apr 26 21:19:13 2003
Hi Allen:

     I have three Scout 555 units, and find no real gain in changing the
level except to reduce current drain on the portable batteries.  I run my
Scouts at 25 watts output most of the time.
     You know that you have to increase the power X4 to have any change
at the received end.  The lower power levels do not really change much
on the received signal. Of course to work true QRP you would look
at 5 watts output on cw.
   I operate 80 & 40 meters cw and SSB and find that as long as I can get
above the noise floor at the receiver end I am ok.  I use a good antenna
and run 25 watts.  In my mobile the Scout is set for 50 watts SSB, and this
works well.

Ed  73  K7DXV  ewell2@cvc.net

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout Power Mod

> >From the lack of any response on this list it appears most folks have not
> made any switching arrangement for
> 5W QRP CW--
> Either they leave it in the 5W position or in the FULL POWER it appears
> I have contacted Ten Tec to see if they have any recommended arrangements
> the above
> Alan KB7MBI
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