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[TenTec] In response to Mike Hyder

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Subject: [TenTec] In response to Mike Hyder
From: tlogan7@cox.net (tlogan7@cox.net)
Date: Sun Apr 27 13:55:42 2003
  As a new comer to Ham radio I want to comment on Hyder's comments about me
as copied below from the reflector - which are quite insulting.
To answer his question: I care about specs because I am curious and quite
often do not understand them and need help from incredibly generous people
like George, Adam, Carl, Jim Reid etc. such people are the epitome of Elmers
and are hugely appreciated. I work full time and have other hobbies as
well - so I cannot devote the time to electronics and radio that these
brilliant individuals have done for a lifetime. I am thankful they are there
and willing to share there expertise.
  I have been in Ham radio since July 2000 - a relatively short time. I have
progressed through an Omni C, Omni V, 756ProII, and now my Omni VI+. USING
these rigs  at my operating station is how I form my final opinions and has
taught me a lot.  I believe the Omni VI+ to be the best of all of them for
MY particular needs even though, for example, the 756ProII is technically a
far more advanced rig.
  Your note was stimulated by an email I sent to the reflector regarding a
comment by Greg.  My email was hastily written and inappropriate.  I was
shortsighted and narrow minded when I refereed to "Tentec forever" types. I
quickly realized I was being ridiculous and apoligized on the net to Greg -
who was a real gentlemen about my silliness.
  Your reponse, on the other hand, is a different matter. I did not
appreciate being insulted on this net and hope that in the future you don't
respond to others in the same manner.
73/Tim NZ7C
>From Mike Hyder:
"Tim, please tell me why you care "...if the 32 bit IF DSP system in the
Orion works better than the Pro."  I've watched as you said you bought and
sold radios repeatedly, apparently never being satisfied with anything.
Just what are you trying to do with a radio that you haven't been able to do
with the rigs you have owned?  Do you operate any of them or just have an
obsession with specifications?  Are you capable of forming your own opinion
of rigs or must you rely on the opinions of others?

Tim, you aren't annoyed, you are annoying.  Get a life, old man.

73, Mike N4NT

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