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[TenTec] The Rx320D and N4PY's software

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Subject: [TenTec] The Rx320D and N4PY's software
From: tlogan7@cox.net (tlogan7@cox.net)
Date: Sun Apr 27 14:05:45 2003
For those of you who use HF only rigs but would like SWL abilities etc I
would like to share that my experiences with the little Rx320D computer
controlled rig are pretty incredible. Carl, N4PY, suggested I might enjoy it
and  he was certainly on the money. It is the first time I have used a PC
rig as well as Carl's software. I cannot imagine what could be done to
improve the Carl's software and I am truly amazed at this combination. You
name it and I think Carl's though of it! I am still working on setting up
the digital receive with the DRM software, but anticipate it will be great.
This is a marvelous addition to put beside a Corsair or an Omni if you want
general coverage, have a PC, and are not planning on buying an Orion. Just
my 2 cents worth.
73/Tim NZ7C

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