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[TenTec] TT 555 Scout Mic?

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Subject: [TenTec] TT 555 Scout Mic?
From: ARDUJENSKI@aol.com (ARDUJENSKI@aol.com)
Date: Sun Apr 27 19:18:13 2003
In a message dated 4/26/03 15:43:54 Pacific Daylight Time, w2agn@w2agn.net 

> On 26 Apr 2003 at 7:53, ARDUJENSKI@aol.com wrote:
> > Bob
> > The D-104 is a good all round mic. Were yiy referrubg ti tge desk mi or 
> > hanhekd version?
> > 
> > Alan KB7NBI
> KB7NBI DE W2AGN Say again, OM, you're breaking up....

Well, folks as John rightly pointed out one of my post problems. Let this 
show you that you should not operate email while on drugs. Still on a heavy 
dose from heart surgery and I guess this is a good example of what happens. I 
will try to be much more careful with my posts to make sure gibberish from 
misplaced fingers won't occur again. Can't believe I sent that---Oh well...

SCOUT and K2: A friend of mine brought by his K2 for comparison and to both 
our surprise the SCOUT really did much better in many categories. As soon as 
Ten Tec aligns the filter on my SCOUT I am sure it will be exceptional. Just 
thought I would pass along and NO it was not the drugs--the Scout did have 
great SSB audio and good reception on a lousy afternoon

Have a great Ten Tec Day!

Alan KB7MBI in Woodinville, WA
FISTS 5702  Proud member of ARRL
___ ___ . . .      . . . ___ ___   DIT DIT
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