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Subject: [TenTec] my-croff-a-knees
From: w9xx@ivwnet.com (Phil Howlett)
Date: Mon Apr 28 10:53:09 2003
I use -16dB XMIT EQ with the mic gain at 50. If you wish to brighten it up a
tad, set the PROC to 1 or 2.

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Subject: [TenTec] my-croff-a-knees

I have a question(s) concerning the Orion and the Studio One microphone.  I
am wondering about what settings others are using with this combination.  I
realize that settings for one person would not necessarily work for someone
else due to differences in voices - but - - -.   I have the TX EQ set
to -20db and the mic gain at 75.  It seems to me that the Studio One is
somewhat "bassy" but I am not sure if this is true of if it is a result of
much use of the Heil HC-5 microphones.
I will admit that I still have much more to learn about the Orion.  I
appreciate any information.    Thanks & 73, Bill

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