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Subject: [TenTec] my-croff-a-knees
From: wb4qda@yahoo.com (John Sheeley)
Date: Mon Apr 28 12:45:55 2003

 With my Orion  SSB settings at  - 20 dB and 300 Hz
roll off tramsmit filter  BW set at 3000HZ with the
Ten Sudio one  , all to me the Low freq is gone and it
sounds pinched up to me . 
The settings I am using at this time are EQ - 15
,rolloff at 170, BW at 3000HZ Speach processor is at
3. It seems like a good blance to my olds ears . I am
sure everyone else will hear something different . I
do like a little bit of low feq . Hey maybe we can
program our Orions just to transmit what others like
to hear. Wouldn/t that be cool .

--- Thomas Jednacz <tjednacz@ieee.org> wrote:
> Hi Grant - Good suggestion - I did that but forgot
> to mention it in my
> previous posting. I have mine set at 300 Hz. It was
> still to basey. I have
> my settings at -20 dB and 300 Hz roll off with the
> Ten Tec 705 mike and get
> the best reports with that setting. Low freq voice
> ain't always a good
> thing. HI.
> Tom, W7QF
> In addition to the suggestion to use a low value of
> processing to brighten
> the
> audio, remember that you can also adjust the low
> frequency rolloff of SSB
> audio
> in the SSB menu.
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